Parsons, Styletag Announce Weekender Style Challenge Winners

Parsons Fashion Dean Simon Collins during Parsons x Styletag judging

Parsons The New School for Design and fashion mobile app and style networking platform Styletag announced the winners of the Station-to-Station Weekender challenge, which awarded Parsons students over $25,000 in prizes.

Between February 6 and March 10, 2014, students from across three of Parsons’ campuses (New York, Paris and Parsons AAS Online) created and uploaded original photos to Styletag, a fashion-sharing app used by designers, photographers, bloggers, stylists and others in the fashion industry. In this image-making, trend-based competition, participants uploaded their posts to Styletag once per day . Entries of original photographic content focusing on today’s trends and consumer insight were eligible for cash prizes.

Weekender Challenge winners were based on entrants’ ability to capture trends and consumer insight; image quality (artistry, color, lighting, styling, composition, etc.); inclusion of descriptive trend information; and inclusion of sufficient and accurate product information, with bonus points awarded for live purchase links.

“As fashion and technology have grown increasingly intertwined, Parsons is very pleased to have partnered with the innovative Styletag app,” said Simon Collins, Dean of Parsons Fashion. “With an interface that celebrates real-world designs and trends while harnessing the power of technology, it is an indispensible tool for fashion education in our digital age.”

Russ Eisenman, head of marketing for Styletag’s developer, San Francisco-based SK Planet, Inc., added: “Giving young talent a place to shine is why we built Styletag, and we’re thrilled so many Parsons students have joined. The Parsons Challenge has allowed us to showcase the versatility of the Styletag platform as much more than a handy app for mobile commerce – it’s a forum for the digital fashion community to share ideas and images, spot trends, get inspired and even get discovered.”

Styletag awarded cash prizes in three categories: Women’s Ready-to-Wear, Accessories and Trends. Styletag provided $25,000 in prize money to be awarded to first, second, and third prize winners in each category. Winners in each of these categories are:

1. Malaika Haaning
2. Olivia Burca
3. Jennefer Keyserman

1. Diotime Boudoussier
2. Vicky Bateman
3. Kylie Conibear

1. Jill Lao
2. W. Griffin Snyder
3. Katrina Chan

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