Travel Back to the ’80s With Halt and Catch Fire TV Series

Halt and Catch Fire posterWith computers on every desk, palm, and soon wrist, it’s hard to fathom that personal computers (PCs) were conceptualized only about 30 years ago. AMC’s upcoming series Halt and Catch Fire aims to capture that pioneering tech spirit with a new series set in 1983.

It also looks to be a fun romp through early ’80s fashion, with actress Mackenzie Davis totally channeling Mary Stuart Masterson’s rebellious look and blond chop in the ’80s John Hughes film Some Kind of Wonderful.

With fashion tech such a hot category now and so many start-ups being created by women, this show promises a fictionalized yet hard-to-imagine-today back story of true tech pioneers.

“Halt and Catch Fire is a fun ride through the early days of the PC era, a time when no one could imagine a portable computer weighing less than 15 pounds, let alone one that was a few ounces and doubled as a phone,” AMC President Charlie Collier said in a statement.

Check out the trailer below, and turn those speakers up for some fun ’80s Eurythmics tunes!

Interestingly, Halt and Catch Fire premieres just a week after Mad Men’s final (part 1) season, which ends with the 1969 introduction of the IBM System/360.

While the show will premiere on AMC on June 1st, Tumblr is offering full sneak previews beforehand. This is the first time a TV show will premiere on Tumblr, and the first time AMC has premiered a show on a social media platform.


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Lauren Parker

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine

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