Item of the Day: Dylanlex

DylanlexItem of the Day: Dylanlex

Dylanlex has become almost an overnight sensation with bloggers, and that means the rest of the industry must take notice!

The design aesthetic? Blinged-out armor with a touch of tradition (think if scientists found a way to combine the DNA of Audrey Hepburn and Rihanna). There is no color at all—just antiqued metal and clear crystal.

The Dylanlex “look” now defines an entire genre of jewelry style, with bloggers and social media users, showing off their interpretations with hashtags like #dylanlexneck.

“I think it’s crazy that the brand has been able to inspire people to create, especially this quickly,” says designer Drew Ginsburg about the brand’s almost cult-like following.

Dylanlex 2Virtually redefining “statement necklaces” with their tremendous size (draping across the neck and chest between 9.5” and 13.25”), Dylanlex features internationally curated elements, Swarovski crystal and handcrafted antiqued metals.

The second collection will expand beyond necklaces to include rings and cuffs, all with the same bold spirit.

Although launched less than a year ago in New York, almost half the orders started coming from customers in countries like France, Australia, Brazil, Sweden and Dubai. The line truly has a global feel, which is surely fueling its success. 

That, and major blogger endorsement, which never hurts.

Retails range from $580 to $1,080.

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Lauren Parker

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine

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