Love The Look: Vanessa Mooney

Accessory Artists- Vanessa Mooney Designer
Spring fashions are so gorgeous this year — and so much variety to play with. One of the hot items trending in style are pastel colors and pale neutrals. Pretty whites, ivory, soft pink, yellow, purple. Mixed and matched together it is a gorgeous look, and one that is perfect for Vanessa Mooney‘s bohemian, fashion jewelry. Born of a family of artists across media, film, art and writing (including a lineage to Harry Warner, of Warner Bros.!) creativity has been in Vanessa’s blood since a very young age. Her jewelry is pure evidence of the influences.  From funky, dynamic Tassel earrings to easy breezy layering pieces both long and short, they all compliment spring’s softer, prettier fare. Worn alone or layered, you’ll love Vanessa Mooney’s cool edgy jewelry, that will perfectly compliment the looks of spring — and you may find yourself wanting more than one Vanessa Mooney piece! You can view the collection here.

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Accessory Artists

Marcy Roth combined her lifelong love of jewelry with her business acumen, an intuitive sense of style, and knowledge of quality materials and craftsmanship, to establish Jewelry is her passion and style is her way of life. Marcy saw that there was a need for a "go to" destination that could be consistently relied on for a truly edited collection of distinctive, quality wearable jewelry for women in their real every day lives. Like many of her customers, Marcy believes that style sense goes beyond just following trends to embody individuality, interpretation, personality, mood and lifestyle; this serves as the basis for which each designer and collection on Accessory Artists is selected.