Helping to Tie the Knot: A Bridal Accessories Site

Lula headband on White & Bold

Lula headband on White & Bold

New York—On the most important day of her life, a bride must be just so—head to toe. Finishing off a bride’s look with the lastest in wedding accessories and jewelry is the goal of a new designer website: White & Bold. (

The new online retailer offers brides access to designer accessories, veils, headpieces and jewelry. The experience wouldn’t be complete without the expert guidance of the site’s exclusive “Ask the Bridesmaid” feature, for the honest, knowledgeable advice every girl needs to complete her look.

Styling Help from ‘The Bridesmaid’

“We know wedding attire, understand the current bridal trends, and can provide modern brides with exactly what they are looking for. Now we’re taking that expertise to the Internet to reach a wider audience,” said Jennifer Stein, White & Bold’s general manager.

White & Bold sells jewelry and accessories from high-end bridal brands, such as Bel Aire, Elizabeth Bower, Erin Cole, Linda Richards and Sara Gabriel. The company said some of its advantages over its competition include the personalization each bride gets, the customer experience, which includes free shipping on all orders, and the availability of convenient options such as rush delivery.

“Often we find that brides know what they like, but aren’t sure how to put it together. The stylist is on the site to help our customers design their complete bridal look,” Stein said. “They choose a veil or necklace, for example, that they love. Then the online stylist helps design the look with the remaining jewelry, headpieces and any other accessories needed. That takes the guesswork out of the purchase and helps ensure that the finished pieces fit well together and fit the bride’s style.”



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