Trend Finder: Insects in Jewelry

Insects in Jewelry

Spiders, beetles and bees, oh my! Insects have never looked as good as they do now. Keep your eye out for creepy crawlers inching their way into jewelry designs this season.

Where to Find Insects in Jewelry (Sponsored):

Sarah Cavender Metalworks Ideologie by Fabrega

Sarah Cavender Metalworks

Fantastical & realistic insect sculptures
Style Number: 22100, 16434, 16454
SRP: $144, $76, $86


Ideologie by Fabrega

Snail ring
SRP: $32.50


Martine WesterRuby Kats

Martine Wester

Innocent bee charm bracelet
Style Number: S11-114
SRP: $52.50


Ruby Kats

Freyja cocktail ring
Style Number: FRYR1-DS
SRP: $182


Daniel Espinosa 

Daniel Espinosa

Shimmering snail ring
Style Number: 210168
SRP: $527.78




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