Belt Co. Suzi Roher Launches Scarves

suzi roher scarvesToronto–Suzi Roher, who has had her eponymous belt company for 25 years, has branched out into new territory: scarves.

The line, which includes 30 scarves per collection, includes original photographs taken by Roher’s husband (below), as well as vintage prints (left).

“We travel a lot and go to all the world art events. This is like food for the creative juices,” says Suzi Roher about her decision to branch out into a new area of accessories, especially one with such a visual element. “My husband is a photographer and between the two of us, it is the best use of our combined talent. Plus, making scarves and belts together is a natural as we are ‘accessorizing’ every outfit.”

suziroher_8515_Orchid-AAnd as the photo images are all taken from everyday life and trips, the collection is actually an ode to the Roher’s life. “The overall inspiration will always be something ‘artistic’ with a little poetry and fun mixed in,” says Roher. “We like ‘stories’ as it is a great hook for selling purposes and adds a ‘cool’ factor.”

Materials range from airy, breathable silks for summer to cashmere for winter. Scarves are 145 cm square, or 57″‘ x 57″. Retails range from $220 to $305.

So far the scarves are sold at stores like Frances Kahn, Intermix, Lucca, Jophiel, Vie, Gus Meyer and lots of better specialty stores all over North America.


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Lauren Parker

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine

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