Item of the Day: Trellie

TrellieItem of the Day: Trellie

Most people would agree that constantly checking a cell phone during a meeting, romantic date, family outing—or really any social or business occasion—is considered rude. And even when it is socially acceptable, it’s still easy to miss important calls. Ever try hearing a phone ring in a noisy restaurant? How about actually finding that phone in the bottomless pit of a handbag?

To the rescue is Trellie, a useful little gadget that hangs on the outside of a handbag and offers inconspicuous alerts of incoming phone calls. The company was started by two guys eternally frustrated by not being able to reach their wives—both who tended to keep their phones buried deep inside their handbags. Missing a call about tentative dinner plans is one thing, but missing an urgent call from your child’s school nurse is another story.

The solution? This patent-pending wireless call notifier hangs in plain view and flashes blue and white when a call comes through to your mobile phone. If you miss the call, Trellie keeps blinking but at a lower pace and switches off when you return or place a new call (it turns off after an hour). According to the company, new versions will let the user customize Trellie to just blink for certain urgent callers.

According to Venturebeat, wearable tech is a budding, $19 billion industry. And in this case, form does equal function.

Retail: $49.99


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Lauren Parker

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine

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