Jessica Biel BARES It All With Upcycled Bag Line

bare-backpack-brown-slide-5Boulder, Colorado–She might be best known as Mrs. Timberlake, but actress/model/singer Jessica Biel is getting into accessories. She recently partnered with her brother and his childhood friend to launch BARE, a hip eco-friendly accessories line.

Made from recycled burlap coffee bags, Bare was created after co-creator Grason Ratowsky received a giant coffee bag from his father who’d just returned from Costa Rica.

It sparked an idea (possibly over many cups of coffee?) and is now a full collection featuring duffels, messengers, totes and backpacks featuring recycled burlap coffee sacks from countries around the world. Retails range from $80 to $320.

“Right away, I saw the value in the burlap coffee sacks, but most of all, I loved the story behind them,” says Lead Designer and Creative Director Grason Ratowsky. “Each bag seemed to have its own life. Most had traveled across the world, starting in some distant coffee production region, before being packed full of beans and then carried through jungles, down volcanoes and across oceans prior to getting here.”

bare-clutch-slide-1Jessica Biel, who is a partner in the venture backs the concept wholeheartedly. “It’s my set bag,” the actress told E Online. “It has all my scripts, all my stuff, all of my character stuff, it comes with me every day to work.”

While totes, backpacks and duffels are the logical silhouette for the heavy fabrics, sleek clutches add a more contemporary spin.

The bags feature traditional Martexin® charcoal waxed canvas and high-quality Weaver® leather,  and no two are the same. All bags are made in Colorado from the imported fabrics.



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Lauren Parker

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine

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