Beyond the Bead: Trollbeads Launches its Project “X”

Twist On, Twist Off to create customized bracelets or necklaces in the X by Trollbeads collection

Twist On, Twist Off to create customized bracelets or necklaces in the X by Trollbeads collection

New York–What’s the next big thing after collectible bead jewelry? That’s something that retailers and makers of beads have been speculating about for years. Trollbeads, the Danish company that’s been making personalized jewelry since 1976, has been researching the next big thing which could be spot on. Today, Trollbeads put an X on the spot by introducing globally its X by Trollbeads.

The collection offers consumers a way to personalize their jewelry much like collectible beads, only with a different twist—literally. It’s a collection of sterling silver, bronze, gold and black rubber X links that connect with a “simple twist” to create bracelets and necklaces. There were nine designers working to come up with the more than 70 styles of links from classic single and double links to rock n’ roll style links, sentimental and love links, animals and zodiac characters. Retails range from $2 for a matte black rubber link to bronze links at $44 to character links $50 to $99.

To begin a bracelet as black rubber X with a single bronze X link and a designer silver X link the price would be $130 and can go up to $650 for a complete silver or $13,000 for a complete gold bracelet.

By combining and switch the links, the wearer can create her (or his) own story.

“X by Trollbeads is really about telling a story,” says Nicolas Aagaard, one of the collection’s designers and a third generation member of the company’s founding family.

“The look is more urban than what we’ve offered in the past, but it remains true to the concept that everyone wants to express their own personality in their jewelry.”

Developing the concept took nearly two years. “We really wanted to make it as simple as possible but even that isn’t always the easiest thing to do,” Aagaard adds.

X by Trollbeads will be available at select doors beginning today in more than 35 markets and online at


Sentimental links make up with X by Trollbeads bracelet

Sentimental links make up with X by Trollbeads bracelet



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