Brittany Berger – Fashion Stylist

sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1115 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1116 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1117 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1118 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1119 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1120 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1121 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1122 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1123 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1124Brittany is a fashion stylist. She is on her way to doing great things in fashion. She already worked with some of the best editors in the business, like Alex White (my personal favorite) Heather Mary Jackson, and Deborah Watson. I love her everyday street style. She says she gets inspired from everything and everywhere. Her grandma inspires her a lot and she also gets her cues from little kids.  Besides fashion, Brittany used to be a musical theater actress. She was singing since she was 9 yrs old. She played Brigitta in Sound of Music once. I thought that was cool.

Brittany wears 12 yr old Tiffany’s necklace as a choker. Old Prada shoes she purchased few years back. Pants from her friends’ The 9th St. Haberdashery. Shirt is vintage and Marc Jacobs bag.


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Vann Apragal, Soho Street StyleSoho Street Style

Soho street style is a street fashion photography blog that showcases fashionable people in Soho, New York. There is a guy that goes around Soho with his camera and notepad, taking pictures of interesting looking people everyday and puts them on a blog. But the blog is actually about the amazingly fashionable and talented people that live and work in Soho. Everyone there is so inspirational.

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