April Martin – Project Manager/ Revlon

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April is a fun loving, fashionable all American girl. She is full of energy and always on the go. She has a work hard play harder attitude towards life. She likes to hang with rocker types that are into music or musician types. On the work side of things, she has been with Revlon for 5 yrs. Out of that in New York for 3 yrs. She likes collecting old jewelry. She just moved to a super nice apartment in Soho and she loves it. That’s when I would say “Livin’ la vida loca Soho.” I had to google translate that one ;) ).

April wears Ray bans, J Crew heels and Grey Joie shoes, T shirt from Topshop, BCBG jacket, Michael Kors’ belt and bracelet, Tommassini anchor locket, Revlon lipstick and nails. She finds lots of cool jewelry at Mae’s Heirloom store in Fayetteville, AR.


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