Gottex Brand Expands into Jewelry

Gottex lifestyle shotNew York—Gottex, the luxury Israeli swimwear brand, is rapidly becoming a lifestyle brand. After launching hats and scarves with Physician Endorsed, it has added jewelry and activewear to the roster.

The first-ever jewelry collection, manufactured by Finesta, is meant to be worn to adorn the colorful swimwear and coverups, or to stand on its own.

There are definitely nature and oceanic themes, like coral and starfish (Reef Encounter collection) and the Shaken Crystals collection evokes sand while the Wave Runner Collection pictures crystal-encrusted waves, the other groups are just as perfect off the beach as on. The Message is Clear is a modern group of clear resin pieces.

“These are pieces that we consider to also be timeless, and want the consumer to enjoy wearing for seasons to come,” says Maria Rivero, Finesta’s Director, Design and Business Development. “She will become a future collector of Gottex jewelry! Each piece in this newly created collection was carefully designed and selected to evoke an emotion and feeling when you look at it or wear it for the first time.”

Gottex jewelry Prices start from $100 and range to $350 retail.

Finesta also produces the jewelry brands Andara and Gala by Daniele Swaebe, the latter inspired by Daniela Swaebe’s fine jewelry creations.

Completing the lifestyle expansion is X by Gottex activewear, a new category for the company that goes from gym to street with edgy style. From mesh camouflage coverups to skirt-covered shorts, there are some prints appropriated from the swimwear but it’s basically got its own look.





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Lauren Parker

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine

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