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Soho Street Style, created by photographer and Accessories magazine blogger Vann Apragal, chronicles the creative and stylish fashions trickling up from some of New York’s most famous downtown streets.


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I am  glad Inga agreed to shoot with us because she is one hell of a private person. She says she doesn’t like making eye contact with anyone because she has lot of creeps bothering her. All I can say is that she has a magical and mysterious look to her, all images I shot of her remind me of some fairy land far far away. Its almost like these are the scenes from that movie “Children of the Corn” but set in New York City. Anyhow Inga moved to New York after graduating from University if Michigan. Started interning at Coach and moved up working full time for the company. And she likes hanging out in Soho every chance she gets to get fashion inspiration. Another feel good story.

Inga wears Sam Edelman shoes, Fossil watch, Coach bag, Topshop dress, Forever 21 necklace, Dior nail color, and Chanel toe nails.

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Vann Apragal, Soho Street StyleSoho Street Style

Soho street style is a street fashion photography blog that showcases fashionable people in Soho, New York. There is a guy that goes around Soho with his camera and notepad, taking pictures of interesting looking people everyday and puts them on a blog. But the blog is actually about the amazingly fashionable and talented people that live and work in Soho. Everyone there is so inspirational.