Trend Finder: Bees, Beetles and Winged Insects

Bees, Beetles and Winged Insects

Designers are buzzing about bugs this season. Bees, beetles and their other winged insects made a beeline for the runway and are now officially considered fashion fixtures.

Where to find Bees, Beetles and Winged Insects (Sponsored):

RaffineWimberly Inc.


Oxidized gold-plated ring embellished
w/ oversized amethyst stone and bee charm
Style Name: 77th Glamour Bee Ring
SRP: $98

Wimberly Inc.

Hand-enameled cuff bracelet
Style Name: Black Bee
SRP: $44

Amy Kahn RussellWe Dream in Colour

Amy Kahn Russell

Stud earrings w/ beetles and outer embellishment
Product Name: Beetle Stud Earrings
SRP: $198

We Dream in Colour

Simple, gold beetle earrings
Style Name: Gold Beetle Earrings
SRP: $43

 Wanderlust + Co.Gabriele Frantzen

Wanderlust + Co.

Delicate bee ring with crystals
Style Name: Bee Crystal Ring
SRP: $29

Gabriele Frantzen

Pearl necklace w/ dragonfly pendant
Style Number: NO32 Dragonfly
SRP: $275


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