Item of the Day: Ramy Brook


Item of the Day: Ramy Brook

Mix-and-match has always been popular in fashion and in accessories, and designer Ramy Sharp is mix-and-matching her skills as an apparel designer, handbag designer and jewelry designer–to great effect.

She has always been a jewelry lover, so she recently created her own line that goes with her fashion brand, called Ramy Brook.  Her clothes are fairly simple–yet striking–and the key is to pair them with great handbags and jewelry (luckily, she makes both).

For her accessories, she started with a handbag, which had a detachable chain link accessory with a charm that could be worn as a bracelet or a necklace. This modular necklace allows the wearer to express her personal style with the ability to change the look of the piece with interchangeable charms and toggles.

Ramy Brook is about versatility, so it makes sense that Ramy would expand upon this concept to then create a collection of chains with different charms that could be interchanged, so that the wearer can create their own look with their Ramy Brook piece.

The toggles allow an easy way to expand the chain to different lengths and make it easy to add charms to make your own piece.

The necklace can be changed to match your personality, and to match different outfits.

Necklace retail: $225. All made in New York, too.

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Gina Rose Sirico, Fashion Market Editor
Gina recently graduated from Marist College with a major in Communication with concentrations in Journalism and Advertising, and minors in Fashion Merchandising and Global Studies. At graduation she also received the faculty award for Excellence in Journalism. Having interned with Accessories in 2008 and assisted with the Accessories 100 year anniversary party, she knew this was a career path she wanted to take. Previous internships included Milford Living Magazine, Hudson Valley Magazine, Tom Martinelli Custom Publishing, and even production with NBC 4 New York with the legendary Gabe Pressman. The profile piece she created with Gabe Pressman at NBC about the Garment District was Emmy Nominated in 2012.