Sparkle and Shine for the Holiday!

Accessory Artists- Courtney Lee Collection
If there is one universal trend among the entire holiday season is sparkle and shine. Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, there’s an element of twinkle and light, from candles to Christmas lights, and of course, plenty of wrapping paper and other decorations. Which is exactly why so many of us love to give and get (and wear!) gorgeous jewelry and gems with an element of a sparkle and shine that suits your style. Nothing matches the dazzle of an exquisite piece of jewelry!

As far as we’re concerned, you can never have too much bling when it comes to ringing in the holidays. You’ll get plenty of that and more with Courtney Lee Collection’s vivacious Erica bracelet, which doesn’t just combine a rows of glimmering gold link chains but mixes in strands of beautiful, bright turquoise Swarovski crystals. Alex Stein’s Full Moon Earrings come in three different bold faceted semi-precious stone options sure to add a splash of color to any winter outfit, while Sally Kay’s stunning one of a kind 18kt Gold Rock Crystal TV ring is as smashing and fabulous as it gets! No matter which bauble you choose, there’s something for everyone and no better time to add a little sparkle and shine to your holiday look or gifts.

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Accessory Artists

Marcy Roth combined her lifelong love of jewelry with her business acumen, an intuitive sense of style, and knowledge of quality materials and craftsmanship, to establish Jewelry is her passion and style is her way of life. Marcy saw that there was a need for a "go to" destination that could be consistently relied on for a truly edited collection of distinctive, quality wearable jewelry for women in their real every day lives. Like many of her customers, Marcy believes that style sense goes beyond just following trends to embody individuality, interpretation, personality, mood and lifestyle; this serves as the basis for which each designer and collection on Accessory Artists is selected.