Meet Our Latest New Designer: Kara Ross

Accessory Artists- Kara Ross Designer


If you’re on the hunt for gorgeous, unique statement jewelry pieces that are one of a kind, go no further than our latest designer Kara Ross. As a child, Ross visited Africa with her parents and to commemorate the trip, they allowed her to select a native gemstone to be made into a piece of jewelry. A love affair was born and today the talented designer has created jewelry items using a variety of materials, including innovative and unexpected elements. She has made pieces for private clients including President Obama and the First Lady, creating exclusive, exquisite gifts made from Magnolia wood originated from the White House lawn for guests, visitors and employees of the White House. In 2003, she launched her own jewelry company, Kara Ross, and has been drawing customers of all kinds since. The collection is chic and smart playing on the same unique elements that has garnered Ross attention for her work. It’s attracted the attention of top fashion magazines, and stars like Demi Moore and many others. You can check out the full collection here.

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Accessory Artists

Marcy Roth combined her lifelong love of jewelry with her business acumen, an intuitive sense of style, and knowledge of quality materials and craftsmanship, to establish Jewelry is her passion and style is her way of life. Marcy saw that there was a need for a "go to" destination that could be consistently relied on for a truly edited collection of distinctive, quality wearable jewelry for women in their real every day lives. Like many of her customers, Marcy believes that style sense goes beyond just following trends to embody individuality, interpretation, personality, mood and lifestyle; this serves as the basis for which each designer and collection on Accessory Artists is selected.