RJ Graziano Circles Back to Leather

RJ Graziano handbag

An RJ Graziano handbag from the Fall 2013 collection

New York—Best known for his jewelry, Richard Graziano is expanding his RJ Graziano brand to include handbags…again.

“I’ve been wanting to get back into leather for years. Most people know we had a massive designer belt business for decades and a handbag business for several years,” says Graziano. “I kept on seeing all our ‘vintage’ designs all over the Internet and on stylists, so I thought the timing was right to do this now. Etsy featured a whole collection of our handbags late last year and were gone in a flash.”

Under license with L & Leung, the company is expecting the same stores who carry the jewelry to come in for market to see the line in the showroom.


RJ Graziano status-link jewelry from the Fall 2013 collection

Graziano is focusing on chic metal components that give the bags the modern edge and forward looks it is known for. “The themes in jewelry and bags complement in each other. We believe in mixing materials—it really is the modern way. Some are luxurious leathers, lavish hair calf and some are fantastic man-made materials that we had produced exclusively for us.”

Retails range from approximately $85 to $325, with the focus on the $110 to $225 range.

“We are so thrilled to have the most loyal and enviable customer base. She just loves the thought that she can push that refresh button on her wardrobe just by adding the latest look in bangles or a super sleek metal collar,” says Graziano. “We are after that same magic in our dazzling new handbag collection.”

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