The College Report: Laptop/Tech Bags

Stylish handbag isn’t limited to just purses or or travel bags, and snaps all around for the designers who have picked up on this trend. Laptop/tech bags have become a significant part of sales for the designers who have realized that we all want to reflect our personal style in everything we have – and that includes bags for our technology.

In college, laptops are pretty much a staple for success and convenience, which is why most college students carry around large totes or oversized satchels for whatever technology they carry around. The good news is these bags have become very popular, so the variety of these bags is at its prime. And what are we looking for, fellow college students? Cheap stylish bags for our key prized school possessions: our technology.

Starting from the most expensive…

This Kate Spaid plain black laptop bag is simple and elegant for those that want something a little less flashy but still chic. It has a pocket for your laptop as well as other pockets for your other various accessories as well as a crossbody strap. It is pricy, but worth it if you will be using it excessively. Retail price: $328


 Coach has a great selection of tech bags as well. Get this, Ipad clutches are a thing. How about having a coach clutch that is the size of an Ipad that you can use for other tablets as well as a regular clutch? I think yes. This Coach Legacy Archive Two Tone Universal Clutch is priced at $198.


If you’re looking for cheaper there are still some great options.


 This Z Spoke Zac Posen Carryon suitcase is great because it functions as carry on luggage but can just be a laptop bag as well. Retail Price $157.50


For more business types, this McKlein Business Tote is all kinds of chic. It has amazing pockets for everything you could think of, and it is stylish. Retail price: $134.99



 A more casual fun laptop bag is this Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop commuter case. It is fun and casual and girly, perfect for everyday use. Retail price: $128

Happy shopping!

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