Accessories Magazine Now Housing Fashion Bloggers

blog screen grabNew York— Accessories Magazine now houses bloggers who focus on accessories!

Bloggers are some of the hottest sources for street fashion and consumer product reviews today.

This is why we have created a special section to let readers keep up with key bloggers—all right here on

Blog posts from our affiliate bloggers—all housed under our Bloggers tab—will be updated daily. In addition, soon we will be e-blasting out the Top Blog Posts of the week to all our readers.

Each blogger has her own style and fashion approach.

Some feature themselves in their latest and greatest fashions (Brooklyn Blonde, Fashion Chalet, NYC Pretty), others do roundups of what’s hot in celebrity pop culture (Poshglam) or on the runways (rocks Paper Metal). Some are former fashion editors (Le Catch, NYC Pretty), others are fashion retailers (Serendipity) or e-tailers (Shoptiques), while others worked in trend departments for manufacturers (Pinky to Posh). Some feature only jewelry (Accessory Artists) while others just feature handbags (HBD Network).

Of course we’re blogging ourselves, too (check out posts from Editor Lauren Parker and Fashion Editor Nicole Philip-Kronenberg).

Check out affiliate blogs from:

  • Le Catch (former Lucky Fashion Editor)
  • HBD Network/formerly Handbag 101
  • Accessory Artists
  • NYC Pretty
  • Brooklyn Blonde
  • Fashion Chalet
  • Poshglam
  • Serendipity
  • Shoptiques
  • Rocks Paper Metal
  • Pinky to Posh

So come visit our blog section, take a look around, and check out what our bloggers are saying (and wearing!).

And if you’re a blogger and would like to get involved with Accessories magazine, please contact Lauren Parker, editor, at



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Lauren Parker

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine

As Editor-in-Chief of Accessories Magazine for the past 12 years, Lauren Parker has covered accessories both from a retail business perspective and a fashion point of view. In previous full-time magazine jobs and freelance gigs, she’s written about practically every angle of fashion lifestyle living, including accessories, fine jewelry, Caribbean travel, private jets, Hampton’s real estate, the New York art scene, the bridal industry, men’s lifestyle and being a mom. She loves meeting designers and seeing how their latest offerings capture the current zeitgeist and fit into the entire cultural and social picture.

  • rocks papermetal

    Such an awesome group of bloggers to be grouped with 🙂
    Thanks Accessories Mag! xo

    <3 Rocks Paper Metal