Supermodel Nicole Trunfio Mines the Pyramids for Design Ideas

Nicole Trunfio HeadshotNew York—It’s always a pleasure when a celebrity jewelry line lives up to the hype, and Trunfio Jewels is stunning in its simplicity.

We met Australian supermodel Nicole Trunfio (perhaps you’ve seen her in Dolce & Gabbana campaigns or on numerous international runways) in her Tribeca showroom and got the scoop on her line, which evokes the ancient pyramids but remains entirely modern and fresh.

I don’t suppose you’re giving up your thriving modeling career any time soon…

I am still modeling and traveling around the world for shoots and events but this jewelry venture is hardly a hobby or side project. I studied jewelry design in school and am very involved in this, from designing at the jewelry bench to working with the casters and production team. I am very much a perfectionist and oversee all aspects. Trunfio Jewels Universe Bracelet

Pyramids in jewelry are so trendy now, but yours seem timeless, not faddish. How did you achieve that?

The pyramid shape has a timeless, iconic geometry, like the great pyramids themselves. It’s not about capturing a current trend, but about being forever. That’s why I did them in gold, platinum and sterling, not costume jewelry where you have to worry about plating or wear. I want these pieces to outlive me.

What makes these different?

First, I engineered a patented screw system that fastens the bracelet with interchangeable charm attachments. It’s called the Universe Bracelet and you can create your own universe by customizing it. Other unique accents include tiny diamonds in the pyramid tips, or domed pyramids made from gemstones.

What’s the most unique piece?

The prism ring is an open pyramid with one row of diamonds along the seam. You can wear it with the diamonds running vertically up your finger, or horizontally across.

What comes after the pyramids?

My next collection will be based on the Zodiac–I’m really into astrology. And I’m doing a men’s line.

Where are you traveling to next?

I’m catching a plane to LA for the Vanity Fair Oscar party and a party given by [photographer] Mario Testino.

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