Jewelry Meets the Wizard in Upcoming OZ Flick

The Emerald City hints at a major jewelry trend

The Emerald City hints at a major jewelry trend

Los Angeles–Pearls and beads and gems, oh my!

Jewelry plays a big part in the upcoming film “Oz the Great and Powerful,” opening March 8 in theaters.

From the opulent and fantastical creations from jewelry designer Joe Vilaiwan that make their way down the famed yellow brick road to the gold riches found in OZ, expect a glittering display of gold and gems (hint: they don’t call it the EMERALD City for nothing!)

The film follows the journey of Oscar Diggs (James Franco) as he transforms himself from small-time circus magician into the mighty Wizard of Oz while meeting three witches (Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams) and other Oz inhabitants along the way. The epic battle between good vs. evil will not only put you on the edge of your seat but it will be done in style as well.

Jewelry from Joe Vilaiwan created for the film emulates everything from poppy fields to the yellow brick road.

Jewelry from Joe Vilaiwan created for the film emulates everything from poppy fields to the yellow brick road.

The costume and jewelry design of the film found its inspiration from the period of 1890 to 1920 so moviegoers can expect to see a lot of vintage and Art Deco pieces. Much like the costumes, Vilaiwan captured the spirit of the Land of Oz and each witch’s respective personality with his dramatic, sculptural and organic jewelry. The poppy fields outside of Emerald City inspired many necklaces and earrings while a mother-of-pearl necklace of dark, edgy feathers (Vilaiwan’s personal favorite) will undoubtedly grace the neck of an evil witch.

Giving these dazzling baubles a real world edge was no easy task but Vilaiwan believes he found the perfect balance. “I love being able to translate that is so magical, that’s illusion, to be something that you can actually capture and wear in real life.”

With jewelry as imaginative and wondrous as the Land of Oz itself, moviegoers will definitely be clicking their heels to get to the theater.

In other OZ news, HSN has teamed up with Disney for a jewelry collection based on the film.





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