NYFW Breaking Trends Fall 2013: Fur Accessories

From left: Thakoon, Dennis Basso, Carolina Herrera

From left: Thakoon, Dennis Basso, Carolina Herrera

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, FALL 2013–With fall and winter weather so unpredictable these days, women just might not want to go in for full fur coats, no matter how chic. So designers are offering lots of fur vests, shugs, wraps and collars, all in fun fashion colors. Wrap it, tie it, belt it, drape it or hook it… but definitely wear it!

From left: Ken Kao, Wes Gordon, Altuzarra

From left: Jen Kao, Wes Gordon, Altuzarra

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Lauren Parker

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine

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