Item of the Day

Ducks have been called ugly, and even “daffy.” Donald of Disney fame is often even referred to as lazy. But the folks at Manic Trout, an Austin, Texas-based artisanal jewelry line, are proud to present Pinar, a Mallard duck charm.

Like the dozens of other animals in the Manic Trout menagerie, including a pig, elephant, zebra, moose, owl, rhinoceros, whale, even dinosaurs, Pinar is handmade in brass and hangs on an 18-inch brass chain.

While Pinar reminds us of the great outdoors, like a lily pond adjacent to a New England hunting lodge more than a Daisy, another girl duck of renown, we’d probably add her to our fetish for layering with other critters for a zoological statement.

Suggested retail: $35

Ph: 866-449-1152


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