Item of the Day

Welcome to our DIY course, required supplies:

✓1 pair of Andrea Bucci with LYCRA FUSION fiber tights

✓1 pair of scissors

✓your imagination.

Who would have thought the day would actually arrive where the dreaded hosiery snag (which leads to an unfortunate hole) would be embraced.

Thanks to advancements in textile technology, Andrea Bucci has allowed us a way to get creative and snip away at our tights, allowing the perfect circular shape to form and actually hold its structure. How is that possible you ask? The scientific explanation: it incurs a thermofixation process in which the outer layers of fiber fuse together to result in superpower strength (we warned you this was a class).

Now for the creative part, get those scissors ready and snip away at your pleasure. Graphic prints and bold polka-dot prints are hot right now, so go ahead, be your very own designer and create your own wearable masterpiece, layer above color for a different effects. Cut large holes in the knee area for a tough knee-pad look,  tiny dots up the back seam, or allover Dalmatian. Go wild Edward Scissorhand-style, or keep them as is and appreciate their strength and durability…you all get an A+ in our book.

(Check them out at there’s even a demo video to get your creativity going.)

Retail, $19.95;


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Nicole Philip-Kronenberg, Fashion Editor, Accessories Magazine

As the fashion editor of Accessories Magazine, Nicole Philip-Kronenberg is constantly surrounded by fashion and accessories. Whether she is styling them into the latest photo shoot, scouring the market for new accessories to feature, or writing about them on the website-she always has her accessories radar on. She loves discovering new talent in emerging accessories designers, unveiling underground trends, and exploring future trends.  In addition to her role as a fashion editor for the magazine, she also specializes in trend forecasting and is the fashion director for Accessories Magazine’s trend forecasting service Accessories Directions. In her spare time she enjoys photography, jewelry design, and going on adventures with her husband.