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Dysfunctional family matters play out to some extent in all families, but for the Bowerses, the family depicted in the new NBC’s drama “Deception,” it’s even more the case.

“The family has amassed the sort of obscene wealth that usually comes at others’ expense. This features people behaving really badly and expecting to get away with it because they are so rich.” So describes the main characters in the series, who also happen to dress the part.

Case in point, the stylish clutches from Dareen Hakim Collection which make an appearance in a recent episode. And no wonder, the bags are made from the finest Italian cowhides like this one,  the LeIcon clutch. Designer Hakim hails originally from Beirut, Lebanon, so she instills her designs with a chic Middle-East-Meets-West aesthetic. The designs on the bag’s medallion, for instance, represent “Live and Laugh.” (No fooling!).

While the Bowerses may act badly, Dareen Hakim Collection brings forth only positive messages. Each bag can be customized by leather and by inscription (“Wisdom & Strength,” “My Love,” or “Happiness,” etc.)

Suggested retail: $295

Ph: 646-669-8470



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  • I love Dareen Hakim’s handbags, and i recently had the Pleasure of interviewing her. She is truly and Amazing designer and a true inspiration to anyone whose dream is to become a designer. I would love to share my interview with