Earrings Win Golden Globe for Best Jewelry

Just when you thought Megan Fox couldn’t get any more gorgeous, she spices up her look with these dazzling earrings

Beverly Hills–Necklaces were a total no-show at the 70th Annual Golden Globes awards ceremony last night.

While statement necklaces often steal the show on many a red carpet, earrings have been edging into the spotlight in recent years. This year, they came out ahead.

It wasn’t even a close race.

Necklaces were absent on virtually every neckline, from a full-coverage gown to barely there looks.

In fact, many actresses looked totally naked as the cameras cropped them in above their sweetheart or straight-across dress necklines. But the earrings were a diversion.

The most interesting point on all these earrings was the vast variety. From round colored jewel drops (see Megan Fox, left) to straight diamond lines, there was something for every face shape.

Below, some of our favorites:

Long and Linear

As if the statuesque actresses weren’t long and linear on their own accord, long and linear earrings added to the overall effect.


Taylor Swift’s triple drops were the perfect accent for her aubergine dress

Julianne Moore in diamond chandeliers

Heidi Klum went for Golden Goddess with her leaf earrings

Stacy Keibler’s Forevermark Diamond Deco Line Earrings almost trumped her other accessory: George Clooney


Allison Williams of “Girls” in diamond-surrounded coral drops

Amy Adams in diamond Deco-influenced drops

Alyssa Milano makes turquoise red carpet worthy

Naomi Watts in rubies

Debra Messing in rock quartz crystal surrounded by diamonds by Samira 13

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Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine & accessoriesmagazine.com
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