Editor’s Blog: Dreaming of Anna Karenina

Oh the opulence!

After viewing thousands of spring/summer items at trade shows this week, it was a visual treat to sink into the winter wonderland of 19th century Imperial Russia while watching the movie “Anna Karenina” last night. Especially since all that elegance is aligning nicely with much of what’s coming down the Pre-Fall 2013 runways.

The movie also just received an Oscar nomination for “Best Costume Design,” so I’m not the only one fantasizing about draping myself in fox and velvet.

Of course, it will be tough to rival the lovely Keira Knightley, whose Anna was dressed in the most sumptuous furs, lace, satins, feathers and pearls, but she is quite the muse (minus her crippling jealousy and one very unhappy ending). From her royal-worthy ball gowns to the rich damask walls, her world was a sight to behold.

Directed by Joe Wright (“Pride and Prejudice”), the film takes Tolstoy’s iconic story of love, passion and betrayal and puts a masterful visual spin on it, setting it up like a play.

High society is quite a stage, after all.

While Banana Republic launched their Anna Karenina collaboration last Fall, I wonder if it might have been a bit too early. It seems like all the rich opulence in fashion is still to come. Just check out these snaps from the Pre-Fall 2013 collections of Vera Wang, Lanvin and Louis Vuitton.

Opulence on the Pre-Fall 2013 runways. From left: Vera Wang, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Vera Wang


If you still haven’t checked out the film, make it a must-see. If not for the fashions or doomed love story, then for one of the most romantic side scenes ever to hit the big screen in recent memory–that of princess Kitty and Levin spelling out their love and forgiveness for one another with guilded wooden letter blocks (FAF–Forgive and Forget; and ILY–I Love You).

Old World texting at its finest!

For a complete look at Fall/Winter 2013-14, and the “Decadent Doll” Holiday trend, check out our webinar here.

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Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

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