“World’s Cutest Dog” Becoming a Licensing Tycoon?

Boo, the “World’s Cutest Dog”

New York—He boasts more than 6 million fans on Facebook, appearances on “Good Morning America,” his own calendar, a bestselling biography, an extensive wardrobe of doggie duds and an adorable teddy bear visage that has earned him the trademarked description: “The World’s Cutest Dog.”

If you don’t know by now, he’s Boo, a 5-year-old Pomeranian with a sheared coat whose raison d’être is “sleeping, eating and just looking absolutely adorable.”

Not only does Boo have the “cutest haircut ever seen on a dog” he’s quickly amassing license partners for an array of accessories and other merchandise.

Among them: Accessory Innovations which will manufacture and market Boo handbags, backpacks, totes rolling luggage, wallets and electronic cases; H.E.R. Accessories which plans to make and market a Boo costume jewelry collection and hair accessories; HYP for socks; and, SF Footwear for children’s shoes.

According to Knockout Licensing (www.knockoutlicensing.com), which represents Boo, those are new licensees in addition to ones with Enesco, Skinit, Jcorp, Somerbond, Audiology, Calendar Holdings, Chronicle Books, Evy of California, GUND, FouFou Dog, Innovative Designs, License 2 Play, Mighty Fine, Paladone, and Ripple Junction.

2013 may be the Year of the Snake according to the Chinese calendar, but we’re  thinking it just might well become the Year of the Boo, you know boo?



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Jeff Prine

Jeff Prine, Editor at Large, Accessories Magazine
Jeff returns as a regular contributor to Accessories magazine. Initially Jeff worked as senior editor at Accessories more than 20 years ago and his love of the industry has followed him until present. Since his tenure here, Jeff has continued to report jewelry, watch and other luxury goods trends as executive editor at Modern Jeweler magazine, fashion director at Lustre, and as contributor on products and trends for consumer and trade publications and websites. In addition to his editorial experience, Jeff also served as an adjunct instructor for accessories merchandising at Fashion Institute of Technology. jeffp@busjour.com