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Fall is here and you know what that means? Pumpkin patches, candy corn, butternut squash soup and… boots! Lots of boots! And dresses, skirts and tights!

But before you reach for those generic tights, ask yourself this: will your feet slip’n’slide inside your boots because the tights are too thin? Will your feet be cold? Will the boot zipper snag your tights the first time you wear them?

Might be time to check out Bootights and their built-in socks.

Bootights were created by Shelby Mason, a business traveler embarrassed at O’Hare airline security when she removed her boots to reveal a pair of men’s tube socks over her tights. By the time her plane landed, an idea was born. Today, Bootights come in a variety of densities and integrated sock heights, perfect for switching between booties and higher boots.

Bootights come in solid, patterns and a variety of hues, all with integrated socks that wick away moisture. Feet stay warm, padded and protected, while your tights last longer with fewer snags.

What more could you want this fall (besides more candy corn)?


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Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine
As Editor-in-Chief of Accessories Magazine for the past 12 years, Lauren Parker has covered accessories both from a retail business perspective and a fashion point of view. In previous full-time magazine jobs and freelance gigs, she’s written about practically every angle of fashion lifestyle living, including women's fashion accessories, fine jewelry, Caribbean travel, private jets, Hampton’s real estate, the New York art scene, the bridal industry, men’s lifestyle and being a mom. She loves meeting designers and seeing how their latest offerings capture the current zeitgeist and fit into the entire cultural and social picture.