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When it comes to love, ya know, it really does take two. So we’re thinking there’s no better way to say it  than spelling out the beloved word as a pair.

Designed by Brooklyn-based sculptor Paul Smotrys, these gold-filled earrings by Gauge Inc. are just one example of his unique word and letter jewelry and items… some written in cursive, some in dimensional block letters, others in delicate outline.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the opposing properties of metal. For example, hard/soft, sharp/smooth, immediate/laborious.”

What’s not to love?

Retail: $100; or contact Yvette Fry at 212-730-5901




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Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine &
As Editor-in-Chief of Accessories for the past 14 years, Lauren Parker has covered women's fashion accessories both from a retail business perspective and a fashion point of view. She frequently judges industry design competitions and loves seeing the next generation of designers come into their own. In previous full-time magazine jobs and freelance gigs, she’s written about practically every angle of fashion lifestyle living, including women's fashion accessories, fine jewelry, Caribbean travel, private jets, Hampton’s real estate, the New York art scene, the bridal industry, men’s lifestyle and being a mom. She loves meeting designers and seeing how their latest offerings capture the current zeitgeist and fit into the entire cultural and social picture.