Item of the Day

We were thrilled when Milan-based Due Punti came up with a diamond ring that retails under $100. Made from non-allergenic silicone available in 25 colors, the rings feature a 0.02-carat diamond set in silver.

What a concept—you didn’t have to be a Jennifer Anniston to afford a diamond ring (or two, or three) on every digit!

Now, we are thrilled beyond belief! Due Punti has extended its wearable (and affordable) diamond concept even further with a collection of bangles, also made of silicone available in 19 colors. Each bangle also has its own 0.02-carat diamond set mounted in silver. They’re ideal of staking with other bangles, or stack several Due Punti bangles on each arm. (If only, we had another arm, or two, or three…)

Retail: $118 on bangles; Call: 213-627-6655


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