Burberry Uses Interactive Video for Sunglass Launch

London—Burberry is getting playful with its new Brights foldable sunglasses. To tout the collection, which retails starting at $250, the brand launched a video on YouTube.com.

While many brands have recently taken to producing videos or even minimovies to promote themselves, this one is a different: it’s interactive.

‘Focusing on the Senses’

The video starts out with rain falling on a pair of folded-up Burberry Brights sunglasses. When the rain stops, the screen expands while the sunglasses unfold. At the bottom of the screen are swatches of the nine colors available in the sunglasses.

Consumers can then click on the different colors found under the video. Each color has a different “personality,”  which is revealed as the glasses change color.

For example, some colors fall into a puddle of water while others dance around the screen. The sunglasses fold in half at the temples and then fold again at the bridge.

In addition to putting the video on its branded video channel, Burberry also promoted the glasses and the video via its Facebook and Twitter profiles.

“Burberry is jux awesome, simple love!!!!” was just one of dozens of accolades from Burberry’s Facebook fans about the video.

“By feeding off of the functionality of the neatly folding glasses, this truly provides a compact feeling for the consumer on-the-go,” said Dalia Strum, president of Dalia Inc. a specialist in interactive video marketing.

Burberry also embraced focusing on senses through the sounds in the background, Strum told Luxury Daily. “The association of birds, wind and the ocean all flow with the emotional feeling of pulling out our sunglasses for the warm weather.”

To view the video, check out Burberry Eyewear’s YouTube channel.

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