Practice “Safe Sun” on Wednesday’s Hat Day in the Sun


Put a lid on it…and look great doing it—all while protecting your face and upper body from dangerous skin cancers!

That’s the message behind The Headwear Association’s (THA) fourth annual Hat Day in the Sun event,  this Wednesday, June 20th.

During this event, which takes place on the first day of summer, The Headwear Association gives away free hats to inspire people to cover up. After all, with 90% of all skin cancers caused by sun over-exposure, donning a hat is a very good idea. Skin cancer is also the most common form of cancer.

Hat Day in the Sun is a national public awareness campaign that educates adults and children that the right hat can protect against skin cancer, sun damage, and premature aging.

THA members will be giving away FREE wide-brimmed sun-protection hats in cities across the country, including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston and more. For a complete list of cities and locations, please visit

Dorfman-Pacific, Bollman Hat Company, Broner Hat & Glove, Philadelphia Rapid Transit and Wallaroo Hats have generously provided the free hats.

You can also enter to win a free Sun Protection hat by  LIKEing the THA Facebook page



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Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine &
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