Informational Sunwear Blog Helps Consumers helps active women (and men!) find the right sunglasses to suit their lifestyles.

Plainview, NY—If you love sunglasses—from a fashion, technological or performance standpoint— is the site for you. In fact, the tagline is “See better, look better, be better.”

This consumer-focused blog, launched this month, keeps consumers up to date on all things sunwear, with links to purchase them off other e-commerce sites. The site itself is merely informational.

Owned and operated by Eyeking LLC, a fourth-generation eyewear design and distribution firm, mentions sunglass brands and styles from across the globe, not just its own brands (Crocs, Hobie Polarized, Under Armour). This offers “honest eyewear information directly to consumers,” according to the site’s mission.

“We saw a clear void in the online marketplace for a destination where consumers could learn more and discuss the importance and benefits of sunglasses,” says Shelly Goldman, president of Eyeking and founder of “We wanted to create a place to openly discuss and better understand what goes into making a sunglass, the varied technologies offered, and why there is a broad range of retail price points.” will be a platform where visitors will be able to interact and communicate with other eyewear enthusiasts and industry professionals resulting in a stronger and diverse online sunglass community.

Performance Market Analyzed

As the performance sunglasses market continues to expand, consumers are often confused about what types of sunglasses to wear for which sports. will steer consumers and athletes into sunglasses–to both protect their eyes and enhance their performance–in baseball, golf, football, fishing, surfing, biking and other sports.

The site will feature sunglass categories including sports, lifestyle, men/women/youth, technology benefits, and look at trending styles throughout history, today, and beyond.

“Rather than spending time researching various sunglass factoids and information, will help consumers make informed decisions about the specific types of sunglasses to help them see better, look better, and be better,” says Goldman.

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Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine &
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