Bombata: Totes for Tablets

MicroBombata, Italian-made carry case for iPads and other tablets

MicroBombata, Italian-made carry case for iPads and other tablets

New York—While Apple is predicting shorter lines around its store on Friday, March 11, when its iPad 2 goes on sales, the next generation iPad is expected to outsell the original iPad, which hit one million in sales in just 28 days.

Besides spurring overall tablet computer sales, which are expected to reach an estimated 43.6 million units worldwide this year, eMarketer estimates, iPad and other tablets has spurred accessories sales, too.

Accessories for Fashionable Techies

CH Marketing, LLC, which specializes in accessories for fashionable techies, hope to capitalize on tablets’ success with a new collection of iPad and laptop carry cases from Bombata of Italy.

Available in an array of colors from basic black to red and hot pink, the 13-inch MicroBombata is ideally suited to house the latest iPad 2 or other tablets, says Michal Hubacher of CH Marketing. “The tough leather-look vinyl exterior is a fun way to store and carry your iPad and other essentials.”

The case contains locking Velcro straps for keeping computers snug and secure, and has plenty of folders and pockets, with plenty of room left for charges and cables, Hubacher says. The MicoBombata, which comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, retails for $39.99. Larger 17-inch Bombata versions, compatible with 15-inch laptops, retail for $49.99.

“Items like the iPad have a cool factor that requires an equally cool way to carry and store them,” adds Hubacher, who also markets Maison Takuya high-end leather and exotic skin cases for iPhones.

Indeed, demand is likely to increase this year again. EMarketer estimates Apple will sell 34 million iPads worldwide in 2011, up from more than 15 million in 2010.

For more information on Bombata, call 877-246-2728, or go to

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