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1884 Collection's Trevi Collection of sterling coin bracelets

If all roads  lead to Rome, we just found something pretty amazing to accessorize the trip. In fact, the Rome-themed, newly launched 1884 Collection has so many great talking points, we’re just going to number them:

1)  Founder Alberto Petochi’s family has been in the jewelry business in Rome since 1884. That makes him a sixth-generation jewelry artist. Not a bad pedigree.
2)  Petochi’s family has an incredible collection of authentic, antique Roman coins, and he uses them in some of his fine jewelry pieces.
3)  The company also creates sterling silver coin replicas using the same ancient stamping techniques (nothing is cast) for authentic looks.
4)  The coins feature famous Roman emperors and one can find detailed explanations on their greatness on the website.
5)  Petochi used to work for jeweler Roberto Coin (some fun free association there).
6)  The Appia Collection is named for the Appian Way, as in the famed cobblestone road that spawned the phrase “All Roads Lead to Rome.”
7)  Each person who purchases a jewelry item from 1884 Collection can register to have a coin (with a corresponding wish), thrown into the Trevi Fountain in Rome on their behalf. This plays along the legend of the Trevi Fountain: visitors who toss a coin with their right hand over their left shoulder will ensure “good fortune and a return to Rome.”
8) And the best part? The 1884 Collection has partnered with Make a Wish Foundation to sponsor children whose wish is to travel to Italy.

“When I came up with the idea for the 1884 Collection I knew that I wanted to support a charity and the Make a Wish Foundation was the perfect fit,” says Petochi. “Fortunately the jewelry industry has many charitable people and companies, but way too often the charity message is lost at the consumer level or is confusing. I made an agreement with the Make a Wish Foundation that I would sponsor children whose wish it is to travel to Italy; the consumer’s purchase does not affect my commitment to the Make a Wish Foundation. I believe every child should be able to experience the power of their wish!”



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