NPD: Top Sellers on Holiday Wish Lists

Wrislets, like these from Coach, have garnered quite a following with sales increasing 25% in the last two years, NPD Group reports.

Wrislets, like these from Coach, have garnered quite a following with sales increasing 25% in the last two years, NPD Group reports.

Port Washington, NY–What’s topping fashionistas’ wish lists this holiday? Plenty of accessories and footwear items apparently. NPD Group has its finger on the pulse of what discretionary items may likely will be on Santa Claus’ list this year thanks to its consumer tracking service, which surveys more than 1.8 million consumers.

As the last shopping weekend before Christmas approaches, Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst, The NPD Group, Inc. takes a look at some fashionable ideas that could be holiday gifts this season:

Minibags–Sales of minibags are up almost 200%* over last year. “Forget the big handbags,” says Cohen, “These little gems cost less and they also make a statement.”

Shearling Boots–Overall, sales of boots in the women’s and girl’s markets are up 29%* for the year-to-date.   “The UGG brand is the top choice for a shearling boot but other brands like Bearpaw and BareTraps are faring well, too,” noted Cohen.

Athletic Footwear–Overall sales of athletic footwear are up just over 11% January through October 2010.* “New technology drives consumer interest here,” Cohen says, “Look for the  styles with a lot of new and different functions being built into the sole to be of the most interest.”

Wristlets–Sales of this women’s accessory have grown by 25% in the past two years ending in October 2010.* “This less expensive ‘bling’ will add a little ‘zing’ this year, ” adds Cohen.

Rainboots–Sales of rainboots for both women and men are up 120 percent and children’s rainboots sales are up 70%.**   “Forget those old galoshes, this new take on Wellies is fun and streetwear worthy,” says Cohen.

Jeggings–In the most recently compiled NPD research* sales of jeggings in the United States rose by 103%. * Women between the ages of 12 and 29 account for the largest share of those purchases.  “Jeggings have grown in popularity over the last 12 to 18 months as the skinny jean trend gained momentum and an even tighter denim style was desired,” observes Cohen.

Skirts–Another strong performer in the women’s apparel market, the sales of skirts are up just over 19%* for the year to date October. “Skirts require additional pieces to build an outfit,” says Cohen, noting that consumers may add on sweaters or tops, tights or another item to complement the skirt.

*The NPD Group, Inc./Consumer Tracking Service

**The NPD Group, Inc. /Retail Tracking Service–channels covered include department stores, national chains, shoe chains, athletic specialty/sporting goods stores. Results reported are for third quarter retail (August to October) compared to the same quarter in 2009.

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