“Mad Men” Transforms to “Mod Men”

Characters Ken Cosgrove and date, Pete and Trudy Cambell, Jane and Roger Sterling get in the groove at Don's surprise 40th birthday party

New York–We waited 17 long months for the “Mad Men” Season 5 premiere, and boy was it worth it!  We’re going to zou bisou bisou right over plot developments (seriously? Megan works at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce??) because right now we’re just too enthralled with the fashions that paraded across our TV.

Costume designer Janie Bryant has never let us down before and new episodes seem poised to spark a whole batch of copycat fashions. (Those of us who hosted “Mad Men” viewing parties in ladylike pearls and waist-cinched party dresses felt a bit silly and out of date, and we’re ready to move into the Swinging Sixties as the season progresses.)

Prada's Fall 2012 show was all about graphic prints

At the show’s return, the year is 1966. And as early ’60s fashion was really a leftover from the prim late ’50s, Mad Men’s more advanced date moves us into new style territory. This season promises lots of geometric graphics, optical prints and bold swirls. Dress shapes are softer and more high-necked, providing the perfect segue into longer and more dramatic earrings. Cocktail rings will remain in the spotlight on the show–perfectly accessorizing that martini glass and cigarette.

The season is already positioning 40-year-old Don Draper and (50something?) Roger Sterling as “the old guys,” (Don’s wife couldn’t even say his age out loud to a co-worker) so expect a whole new reverence to youth culture, which in 1966, was pretty groovy, man.

If you don’t want to get your style cues from a TV show–no matter how award-winning–note that Miuccia Prada got the memo too, as seen in Prada’s recent Fall 2012 show in Milan.

Far-out print and pattern never looked so good.


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