The Latest from London? Men with Pink Handbags

Actor Liam Neeson with pink handbag in UK's Fight for Women's Survival

Actor Liam Neeson with pink handbag in UK's Fight for Women's Survival

London—What do actor Liam Neeson, comedian Martin Clunes, soccer star Les Ferdinand and “Death Wish” director Michael Winner have in common? They all carry very pretty pink handbags.

Although leathergoods companies from Coach to Louis Vuitton have touted “man bags” are the next great item, these he-men are carrying some pretty-in-pink purses in support of Cancer Research UK’s campaign, Join the Fight for Women’s Survival.

Famed photographer Terry O’Neill photographed the men carrying samples of pink handbags available for sale on the charity’s website,, and select shops. The photos also will appear as public service announcements around Britain for October which is breast cancer awareness month.

The four men agreed to take part in the shoot because they have been directly affected by the disease.

“There aren’t many reasons I would agree to pose with a handbag, but following a close friend’s diagnosis, supporting research into the disease was enough to persuade me,” said Martin. “So if I can do this, you can get down to your local Cancer Research UK shop this October and buy a handbag or any other pink product that takes your fancy to support life-saving research into breast cancer.”

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