Can Hublot Keep Fashion Week’s Designers on Time?

Hublot's Big Bang Tutti Frutti Orange watch

Hublot's Big Bang Tutti Frutti Orange watch

New York–Is it still fashionable to be fashionably late?

Luxury Swiss watch brand Hublot is the official timekeeper at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which kicks off today. Five clocks will mark time for fashion cities around the globe (New York, London, Milan/Paris, Toyko and Geneva).

To poke fun at desigers’ propensity to start each show off late, a digital Hublot  clock will track how close each designer’s show opening is to its stated start time. A daily feature titled “How Late is Fashionably Late” will accompany each time disparity.

Hublot will also be part of Fashion Week’s Accessories Exhibition.

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