Artisan House Adds Danielle Nicole, Elle Nicole

Danielle DiFerdinando and Steve Russo of FAB and Artisan House

Danielle DiFerdinando and Steve Russo of FAB and Artisan House

New York–Artisan House, the new multi-line handbag company spun off from FAB/Starpoint, recently added a new name to its roster: leather trend handbag line Danielle Nicole and its non-leather spinoff Elle Nicole.

Artisan House already owns luxury brand Isabelle Fiore and has a partnership with iconic designer Carlos Falchi, as reported earlier in Accessories News Flash.

Steve Russo, president and CEO of FAB, created Artisan House a few years ago in a strategic move to expand into the luxury handbag market while not interfering with the kid’s and licensed character business that is the hallmark of his company. Artisan House will debut a dedicated showroom at 550 7th Avenue this November.

“Artisan House looked for brands that had their DNA in the handbag business,” says Russo. “I wasn’t looking to develop handbags under license from corporate design houses.”

An Elle Nicole style for Spring

An Elle Nicole style for Spring

Elle Nicole rounds out the three-tier offerings at Artisan House. Retails are as follows: Elle Nicole, $49 to $120; Danielle Nicole, $200 to $495; Isabella Fiore, $195 to $695; and Carlos Falchi, $1,000 to $5,000, with a popular $200 microfiber opening price tote that definitely expanded his customer base.

The 23-year-old Danielle diFerdinando, the creator of Danielle Nicole (Nicole is her middle name), is an industry up-and-comer who has made significant gains in a short time. “We are very excited to give this brand the backing it needs to grow it to its full potential,” says Russo. “Danielle also brings a youthfulness to the table and an intense social-media savvy that is essential.”

DiFerdinando graduated FIT and worked at Gucci, Bergdorf Goodman, Be&D and Anthony Luciano before starting her own company. For the future, DiFerdinand sees branching out into other accessories such as small leathergoods and belts. “I’m crazy about technology so items such as iPad cases or phone cases is a given,” she says. “I already created a micro-mini bag that can be worn on its own to carry an iPhone, but I want to expand the offerings.”

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