App Turns iPad into a Catalog Spree

Catalog Spree iPad app

San Francisco—Those who love to curl up in bed with a stack of fashion catalogs can now replicate that experience…and shop directly from their iPad while they’re at it.

Catalog Spree, a free app for iPad that aggregates digital catalogs and offers a chic shopping experience as well, has launched its updated 3.0 version. The key is a Facebook login and sharing option that turns social media into social shopping.

Launched in April 2011 with just seven retail catalogs, the site now has over 200 catalog partners—from Neiman Marcus to JCPenney.

The site is rapidly growing with users and the company attributes it to social media. “Since November, we’ve observed a 300% increase in the amount of Catalog Spree users ‘Favoriting’ items in the app and a 50% increase in the amount of items that users share with friends and family via email and posting to Facebook,” says CEO Joaquin Ruiz.  Friends can now “like” and comment on the products that shoppers share.

A Print Experience

The difference between Catalog Spree and other e-commerce sites is that Catalog Spree actually digitizes the fashion spreads and catalog pages. Consumers can “turn” the pages and feel like they’re flipping through a print catalog. Shoppers can also click-and-buy directly from items the models are wearing on the pages. The item will open up in a new window for purchase, but the consumer never leaves the look and feel of the catalog.

Catalog Spree includes 15 categories, so users can cross-shop for certain items across catalogs. Users can also narrow further by keyword search. Consumers can also save and share things they like for friends to view (or as hints to loved ones for purchase).

While the app works on the iPad only, users can interface with other devices. The website has similar functions, minus the high-tech functionality that lets the viewer feel like they’re turning the page of the catalog.


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Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine &
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