Trend Board: F/W 2012-13: Midnight Madame

Midnights in Paris inspire her, while deep shadows cast from moonlit skies reflect in her dark, seductive ensemble of boudoir sheers, silky satins, vampy lace, fetish leathers and sumptuous velvets. Tough dominatrix corseting accentuates her hourglass figure, while buckles and laced thigh-high boots hint at a secretive darker side. The softer side of her femininity is exposed through adaptation of elements from romantic periods of the past, mainly 19th century Belle Époque and Baroque Rococo inspirations, where ruffles, bows, cameos, filigree metals and feathers tickle this mystery Madame’s fancy.

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Nicole Philip-Kronenberg, Fashion Editor, Accessories Magazine

As the fashion editor of Accessories Magazine, Nicole Philip-Kronenberg is constantly surrounded by fashion and accessories. Whether she is styling them into the latest photo shoot, scouring the market for new accessories to feature, or writing about them on the website-she always has her accessories radar on. She loves discovering new talent in emerging accessories designers, unveiling underground trends, and exploring future trends.  In addition to her role as a fashion editor for the magazine, she also specializes in trend forecasting and is the fashion director for Accessories Magazine’s trend forecasting service Accessories Directions. In her spare time she enjoys photography, jewelry design, and going on adventures with her husband.