Perfect Totes for Rainy Days

Oughton Limited's Field Tote

Oughton Limited's Field Tote

Rubber boots are the latest fashion craze, but now the keep-dry fashion statements are moving from your feet to your hands! Oughton Limited, which specializes in equestrian-styled totes, has introduced a new line of tote bags, made in luminous Italian midnight blue rubber, that offer salvation on rainy days. Whether you’re stashing an evening clutch or stuffing your daily items into the tote, there’s no easier way to avoid a torrential downpour’s damage than with this easy (and cute!) tote.

The bag comes in two chic styles–the Barn tote, which is large enough for all your essentials, and the smaller, more everyday Field tote. Both bags have chromed brass fittings and rubberized zippers. Retails: $265 to $310;


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