Sisters Sell Cruelty-Free Accessories That Are Stylish, Too

Some of the footwear styles featured on Compassion Couture

Roslyn Heights, NY—Jill Spiritus and her sister Tracey are not only best friends but die-hard fans of animals as well as vegetarians.

They also are fashionistas and yearned to do something beyond the corporate grind and “fulfill our true life’s dreams.”

“Not claiming to be saints by any means, we were sparked with the idea that we wanted to make a positive impact, not only in people’s lives, but in society in general. Being avid fans of keeping up with the latest trends, we took the plunge towards developing a side-project based upon our sincere concern for the welfare of animals and the planet,” says Spiritus, who along with her sister founded Compassion Couture (, a website devoted to  footwear, bags, wallets, belts and other accessories that are 100% vegan—”from the glues to the fabrics.”

sheilaOdyssey clutches

The sisters say they hand pick every brand on their site to make sure “that absolutely none of them use any animal products on the items that we purchase.”  Additionally, they look for brands that incorporate sustainability in their practices.

“Each label does this differently,” Spiritus says. “Most brands use recycled materials, use fair trade practices, produce their goods at factories that have a lower carbon footprint and some are produced locally.  We do our research to ensure that these brands are making an effort in some way relating to sustainability/environmentally friendly practices.”

Merchandise ranges in price from $50 to $250.

“Our mission it to show shoppers that you can have 100% cruelty free and eco-friendly fashion foward handbags, shoes and accessories without sacrificing your sense of style or quality,” she adds.

Olsen Haus Muse pumps



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Jeff Prine

Jeff Prine, Editor at Large, Accessories Magazine
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