Swarovski to Open 2 New Retail Concepts in NY

Crystal Forest, a new Swarovski retail concept, will open soon in Times Square and Penn Plaza in New York City

Crystal Forest, a new Swarovski retail concept, will open soon in Times Square and Penn Plaza in New York City

New York—Swarovski will soon feature its new retail design concept at two locations in Times Square and Penn Plaza in Manhattan.

The Times Square boutique will open in mid May while the Penn Plaza location will open in early June. The 950-square-foot Times Square space will be located at 1540 Broadway and its exterior will feature a large LED screen. The 1,500-square-foot Penn Plaza boutique will be located at 200 West 34th Street, a space previously occupied by Tourneau. The Penn Plaza exterior will incorporate two newly refurbished digital clocks, a familiar sight to commuters in the area. Both boutiques will offer Swarovski’s full range of fashion jewelry and watches, as well as home accessories and decor objects.

Both spaces will boast Swarovski’s new “Crystal Forest” retail design concept, which was created in collaboration with Tokujin Yoshioka, Design Miami Designer of the Year award winner.

“Swarovski’s Crystal Forest retail design concept creates an environment that accentuates the beauty and fine craftsmanship of our product offering,” said Kevin Coen, executive vice president of Swarovski North America.

The Crystal Forest design concept made its global debut in Tokyo’s prestigious Ginza district in March 2008. In November 2009, Swarovski opened its first U.S. Crystal Forest Forest store on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.

The retail design highlights Swarovski’s crystal-cutting expertise. Key elements of the new retail concept are:

●Stainless steel prism exterior elements that catch light and reflections from outside the store.

● Two 8-foot high crystal panels, each made up of 17 crystal strands.

● Textured walls featuring reflective white prisms envelop the space to create the illusion of an organic crystal forest.

●White lacquer and mirror stainless steel finishes.

● A combination of horizontal and vertical showcases featuring LED lighting from various directions.

Swarovski has more than 230 boutiques in the United States including six in Manhattan. Worldwide, the brand operates more than 1,700 boutiques in 120 countries.

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