Accessory Network Goes “Bollywood” with Bollydoll

New York—If these images have you humming the Oscar winning song “Jai Ho” from “Slumdog Millionaire,” you won’t be far off. The Bollydoll brand was actually created by singer-artist-fashion entrepreneur Amrita Sen who performed the song at the 2009 Academy Awards.

Bollydoll, a Bollywood-inspired lifestyle, fashion and entertainment brand, has teamed up with Accessory Network for a colorful collaboration including handbags, cosmetic cases and scarves.

The brand will also get a publicity bump from a unique music collaboration, where famed producer Timbaland will work with Bollydoll on a variety of projects.

The whimsical high-concept lifestyle brand features musical animated characters that interpret Bollywood music for English-language audiences.

The concept centers around Bolly and Sheena—two princesses who  inhabit an epic, musical world full of smiling suns, colorful cows, turquoise turtles, mischievous moons and dancing dolls.

“Bollydoll is a story about realizing your potential in the world by mastering your uniqueness and talents,” says Sen. “I express my creativity in so many forms, music, art, and fashion. For me, the Bollydoll Collection is taking all those influences, combining them in a unique way to create something very beautiful.”

Fashion Accessories

Accessory Network’s Bollydoll introduction features scarves and handbags this year. The handbags are the latest creation by YAK PAK, featuring totes, drawstring hobos, cross-body, bucket and smaller sized pouches and cosmetic cases. Each silhouette comesin 8 patterns and prices ranging from $20 to $89. Bollydoll presented by YAK PAK will be exclusively launched with Shop NBC in February 2012.

According to Stephen Holt, Yak Pak’s founder, “Partnering with Amrita has been an exciting way to associate the YAK PAK brand with not only a successful musician but also a fine artist who is helping to make Indian inspired fashion a mainstream trend in the US market.”

Later in the year, 20 scarf prints will debut, featuring prints and patterns created by Amrita Sen. Square shapes will retail for $98 while oblongs will be $125.

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