Parson’s Professor Publishes Accessory Design Book

New York–Whether you design or sell accessories, you’ll want to check out Accessory Design, a new book by Aneta Genova, an assistant professor of fashion/accessory design at Parsons The New School for Design.

With more than 200 color photos, illustrations and sketches from today’s accessories designers from from around the world, this book shows the complete design process—from inspiration/concept to design/manufacturing.

Classifications covered include handbags and small leather goods, footwear, hats, gloves, belts, neckwear, and even pocket squares.

For each accessory, the text explains how the designer’s creativity can be channeled into the development of styles that enhance a brand’s appeal to its target market. Sketches show the creative process.

Sketches show the creative process. Left: Shoe sketch by Ann-Marie Mountford-Chu. Above right: Handbag sketches by Melinda Albert. Bottom right: the sketchpad of Rafe Totengco

Table of Contents

Here, a lineup of what’s inside the book.

  • A History and Overview of Accessory Design
  • History of Accessories from Ancient Egypt through the twentieth
  • Century History of Classic Accessory Companies
  • Contemporary Accessory Designer Profiles
  • Basics of Accessory Design
  • Designing Handbags and Small Leathergoods
  • Handbag and Small Leather Goods Introduction
  • Inspiration and Research for Handbags
  • Designing, Sketching, and Presenting Handbags and Small Leathergoods
  • Tech Packs and Manufacturing for Handbags and Small Leathergoods
  • Tech Packs and Manufacturing for Footwear
  • Shoe Construction Types
  • Inspiration, Research, and Design for the Footwear Industry
  • Sketching, Illustration, and Presentation Techniques for Footwear
  • Tech Packs and Manufacturing for Footwear
  • Various Accessories

The book is also being celebrated with a book launch party this Friday, to be attended by Parsons’ alum Reed Krakoff and designer Carlos Falchi, both of whom are featured prominently in the book. Guests can also view an exhibition of accessory designs featured in the book and a live hat-making installation.

Published by Fairchild Books, the 8.5 x 11″ soft-cover Accessory Design retails for $90 and is available at and Barnes and


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Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

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